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PSYC 2203: Human Behavior
Syllabus for PSYC 2203

PSYC 3314: Psychological Statistics

Syllabus for PSYC 3314

     And here are a few additional exercises on some of the topics we're covering:

Data Distributions and Graphs

Data Distributions and Descriptive Statistics

Standard Scores and the Standard Normal Distribution

Interval Estimation

One-Sample Significant Difference Tests

Two-Sample Significant Difference Tests




Now, more About Me!

Nebraska Wesleyan University
Degree: B.A. (1973)

Texas Christian University
Major: Experimental Psychology
Degree: M.A. (1975), Ph.D. (1977)



I provide statistical consulting services to students and professionals who need assistance with research design, survey development and deployment, database formatting, statistical analysis, and technical writing and editing.

I can help you with your dissertation, thesis, program evalaution, or any other school- or employment-related project that requires any form of statistical analysis.

For more information, please visit my website:


Representative and Recent Papers and Publications

Recent Paper Presentations

   Diekhoff, G. M., Thompson, S. K, Denney, R. M, and Aten, J. D. A church climate map: Development,
                 dimensions, and description.  Paper presented at the Christian Association for Psychological
                 Studies conference, Valley Forge, Pennsylvania, March, 2007.

  Vandehey, M., Shuff, I., & Diekhoff, G. M.  Categorization of "partner" as a methodological concern
                 in HIV/AIDS social support research.  Paper presented at the conference of the
                 Southwestern Psychological Association, Kansas City, MO, April, 2008.
   Vandehey, M. A., Diekhoff, G. M., & Marsh, C. M.  Identifying "gateway" courses in the prediction
                of academic performance: Mathematics vs. psychology. Paper presented at the conference
                of the Southwest Psychological Association, San Antonio, TX, April, 2009.

    Diekhoff, G. M., Vandehey, M. A., and Marsh, C. M. General psychology midterm grades used to 
                identify academically at-risk college students. Poster presented at the Southwestern 
                Psychological Association conference, DallasTX ,April, 2010.
    Diekhoff, G. M., Packard, J., Carlston, D., Danilova, D., & Gilbert, C. Survey of Talent Management
                Practices in American Higher Education.
Poster presented at the Southwestern
                Psychological Association conference, San Antonio, TX, April 2011.

                    Gross, Susan M. and Diekhoff, G. M. Well-being measured during Alzheimer’s Memories in the

Making® program. Paper presented at the conference of the Southwestern Psychological Association,
Oklahoma City, April, 2012.

                     Danilova, D., Diekhoff, G. M., Cuellar, S., Holland, C., and LaMere, N. A multidimensional scaling analysis
                                study of male body perceptions in males with muscle dysmorphia. Poster presented at the conference
                                of the Southwestern Psychological Association, Oklahoma City, April, 2012.

                     Danilova, D., Diekhoff, Vandehey, M., Cuellar, S., Lamar, H., Heft, C., Woods, K., Henson, A., Lindeman, S., 
                               Wood, B., and McMahan, L. A multidimensional scaling analysis comparison: Men's and
                               women's male body perceptions. Poster presented at the conference of the Southwestern
                                Psychological Association,  Ft. Worth, TX. April 2013.

                                                           Representative Publications


I've published over 100 technical reports, journal articles, book chapters, instructor's manuals, and textbooks, beginning with an article based on my masters thesis in 1976. Listed below are a few of my "favorite" publications--some of the work that I found the most fun.

              Diekhoff, G. M. (1976). Effects of feedback in a forced-choice GSR detection task. Psychophysiology, 13, 22-26.

              Diekhoff, G. M., Brown, P.J., and Dansereau, D. F. (1982). Development and assessment of a prose learning 
                       strategy training program based on network and depth-of-processing models. Journal of Experimental
                       Education, 50, 180-184.
              Diekhoff, G. M. (1983). Relationship judgments in the evaluation of structural understanding. Journal of
                       Educational Psychology
, 75, 227-233.

              Haines, V., Diekhoff, G. M., LaBeff, E., and Clark, R. (1986). College cheating: Immaturity, lack of commitment,
                        and the neutralizing attitude. Research in Higher Education, 25, 342-354.          

              Diekhoff, G. M., Holder, B., and Burks, R. (1988). Social cognitive structures: Marriage counseling through
                         multidimensional scaling. Small Group Behavior, 19, 185-206.    

              Diekhoff, G. M. (1988). An appraisal of adult literacy programs: Reading between the lines. Journal of Reading,
                        31, 624-630.

              Diekhoff, G. M. (1992). Statistics for the social and behavioral sciences: Univariate, bivariate, multivariate.
                         New York, NY: McGraw-Hill.

              Diekhoff, G. M. and Wigginton, P. K. (1992). Faculty perceptions of classroom environment: A mirror to the
                         self? Studies in Higher Education, 17, 21-25.

              Diekhoff, G. M. (1993). Demonstrations and activities for psychology. New York: Macmillan.
              Diekhoff, G. M. (1996). Basic statistics for the social and behavioral sciences. Upper Saddle River, NJ:

              Diekhoff, G. M. (1996). Cognitive maps for teaching the history of psychology. In M. E. Ware and D. Johnson
                         (Eds.) Teaching Demonstrations and Activities. Hillsdale, NJ: Lawrence Erlbaum. 

              Diekhoff, G. M., LaBeff, E., Clark, R., Williams, L, Francis, B., and Haines, V. J. (1996). College cheating: Ten
                         years later. Research in Higher Education, 37, 487-502. 

              Pulvers, K. and Diekhoff, G. M. (1999). The relationship between academic dishonesty and college classroom
                        environment. Research in Higher Education, 40, 487-498.
              Diekhoff, G. M., Thompson, S., and Denney, R.  (2006).  A multidimensional scaling analysis of
church climate.
                       Journal of Psychology and Christianity, 25, 17-27.

              Danilova, D., Diekhoff, G. M., and Vandehey, M. A. (2013). A multidimensional scaling analysis of male body
                        perceptions in males with muscle dysmorphia: "The Adonis Complex." International Journal of Men's
                        Health, 12,