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Dimensional Analysis Practice

Dimensional Analysis key

Tutorial for nomenclature

anions, cations and atoms list

nomenclature rules

writing formulas practice

polyatomic ion practice

equation writing and balancing practice

equation writing and balancing practice II

Stoichiometry Practice

Solution practice

Stoichiometry flowchart 

Gas Laws Takehome

Lewis Structures handout

lecture slides  (PDF) 

Atomic Theory (PDF)

Atomic 2(PDF)

lecture slides chapter 1-2 (PDF)

lecture slides chapter 3 (PDF)

lecture slides  chapter4a(PDF)

lecture slides  chapter4b(PDF)

lecture slides_5(PDF)

lecture slides 6 (PDF)

lecture slides Energy (PDF)

lecture slides Energy part two(PDF)

lecture slides Bonds and Structures III (PDF)

Lecture slides moles (PDF)

lecture slides 6 gas laws (PDF)

Lecture Slides_solutions

lecture slides acid base (PDF)


lecture slides kinetics (PDF)

lecture slides 13a (PDF)

lecture slides 13b (PDF)

lecture slides 13c

lecture slides acid_base b

This practice exam is not similar to all the material youwill see on our test as it comes form a different book. It will give you some familiarity with the level of the material.

Practice test

exam 1 report

exam 2 report

exam 3

Final report

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